LETTERS FROM DAVAO: Oh Iceland and Mexico how could you?

By Jun Ledesma ICELAND authored a resolution to conduct a probe of (extra-judicial) killings related to the drug campaign waged by the Duterte Administration. This stemmed from the allegation that over 27,000 perished in the government’s war against drugs. I do not know where this figure came from but judging from what had been written […]

LETTERS FROM DAVAO: Igniting fire in the WP Sea

By: Jun Ledesma WE are not running out of provocateurs, deceivers and willing victims of deceptions and bystanders who ejaculate in fanning embers of intrigue and divisiveness. Am talking of the recent accident involving Filipino and Chinese fishermen, Bikoy’s expose’ of the opposition black propaganda against the Duterte family and what the President described as […]

PUNTO DABAWENYO: The other side of the fence on investment scam issue

There are always two sides of a coin. In the hottest issue on investment schemes, the government has already stated its side invoking the principle of parens patriae or its responsibility to protect its citizens. True indeed, the state is merely protecting the citizens who we know are being victimized by the Ponzi scheme which […]

PUNTO DABAWENYO: Scammers are like drug pushers

When President Rodrigo Duterte said that people behind investment scams will be hunted like drug dealers, he meant it as it is. Like drug pushers, people who entice investors on something they know is illegal ab initio (from the beginning) know that what they are doing is against the law. Like shabu, cocaine, marijuana and […]