The novel coronavirus situation remains very fluid and there is still no answer when it will be stabilized or its spread across the globe be fully controlled.

We have seen an increasing number of people getting the infection worldwide. Our health care facilities in Davao City have limitations and we cannot possibly carry hundreds of sick individuals all at the same time.

Because of these limitations, our plan for us Dabawenyos is to ensure that we do not get the infection. Please read all available information on how you can keep you, your children, and the entire family healthy. It is important to keep your immune system strong. Avoid crowded places and activities that will propagate the spread of the virus.

We have been following the pronouncements of the Department of Health and it has released last February 7 the advisory on public gatherings, thus it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to cancel the following events of the 83rd Araw ng Dabaw celebration: Pasiugdang Pagsaulog, Reyna Dabawenya, Ginoong Davao, Sayaw Pinoy, Kalingawan sa Sta. Ana, Hudyaka, Mutya ng Dabaw, Pasidungog, Araw ng Empleyado, Kanta Bidabawenyo, Parada Dabawenyo, and the Datu Bago Awards.

All preparations made for this year shall all be executed in 2021. We shall leave it to the parents, schools, government/private offices and business establishments to ensure that their children, students, and employees understand the history of Davao City, where we are going with our Byaheng Do30 agenda, how we have shown the past 3 years that we stand tall, united, and resilient and that we shall embody discipline, integrity, and competence in the next 3 years.

In addition, beginning tomorrow, February 11, all welcome and send-off groups at airports, seaports, bus terminals, and other transportation hubs are permanently banned not only because of the virus but for reasons of safety and security. Only employees, workers, drivers and passengers are allowed in these places.

I also hereby order the Department of Trade and Industry to ensure that the price freeze memorandum of the DOH, the price tag, suggested retail price and other pertinent regulations on all goods and commodities are strictly implemented. Business permits of stores caught selling overpriced items and hoarding food and other supplies shall be canceled and their establishment padlocked.

All are hereby enjoined to read the DOH advisory pertinent to their organization:

For workplace — DOLE Labor Advisory #4 Series 2020 and DOH Dept. Memo 2020-0056

For Hospitals — DOH Dept. Memo 2020-0035

For Airports and seaports — DOH Dept. Memo 2020-0063

For residential communities — DOH Dept. Memo 2020-0059

For schools — DOH Dept. Memo 2020-0055 and DepEd Memo 15 s. 2020

For hotels and other similar establishments — DOH Dept. Memo 2020-0057

If you have sore throat, cough, fever, and other flu-like symptoms, do not travel in or out of Davao City. Seek medical assistance immediately. Schools, offices and business establishments are advised to come up with guidelines to ensure that students and employees who are sick are not allowed entry to the school or workplace.

While we have a health issue at hand, please DO NOT PANIC. Instead, report to the authorities and seek immediate and appropriate medical help.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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