The Department of Health (DOH) and Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) had sent 5-
member and 3-member team, respectively, to assist in the repatriation process of the 32
Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) from the Province of Hubei, China. These teams flew all the way to China and helped in the repatriation process; had landed back at Haribon Hangar,
Air Force City, Clark Air Base, Pampanga earlier, and transferred the repatriates to New Clark City through the initiative and support of the Provincial Government of Pampanga, spearheaded by Governor Dennis “Delta” Pineda, together with the DFA and Clark City Air Force.

These OFWs had undergone three levels of screening before they were able to fly: first, before
boarding the plane—individuals were screened as to whether they are symptomatic (has fever,
cough and colds) or asymptomatic (does not have any signs and symptoms).

Only those asymptomatic individuals were allowed to board; second, while on board or during the flight, individuals were closely monitored for the occurrence of any signs and symptoms.

In the event that an individual got sick, he/she is separated from asymptomatic individuals and is placed at the back of the plane, leaving the asymptomatic individuals in front of the plane.

Third, upon landing, individuals were again assessed whether symptomatic or asymptomatic; in case there has been sick, these individuals will be directly sent to hospitals via the ambulance, while those found to be asymptomatic will be sent to quarantine facility.

All 32 repatriates landed safely
and free of any signs and symptoms, hence, they were all sent to New Clark City for close
observation and monitoring for 14 days.

The DOH, in coordination with Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Provincial Government of Tarlac spearheaded by Governor Susan Yap, ensures that the
repatriates are well-accommodated and closely monitored; all basic necessities were provided, including hygiene kits and meals.

The DOH – Central Luzon Center for Health Development (DOH-CLCHD) has declared code blue among all government andprovincial hospitals;
provincial, city, and municipal health offices, and other health facilities in the region to
immediately cater the medical needs of repatriated OFWs.

If an individual, during his/her stay in the quarantine facility, suddenly shows signs and
symptoms, the DOH had deployed medical teams to immediately assess and facilitate transfer to hospital for close monitoring.

The DOH will be taking charge of the management, coordination, and logistics of the entire
quarantine process. Rest assured that repatriated OFWs will be attended to and treated with
utmost care.

Regular monitoring will be conducted to ensure their health and safety.

(Press Release/09 February 2020)

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