Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte will adopt learning from the seminar during her 8-day visit to the United States as there were subjects applicable to Davao City such as counter-terrorism and violent extremism knowledge.

Mayor Sara, who recently returned from her US trip, there were many things she learned during the seminar, noting, however, there were those already adopted in the city like the culture of security.

“They also have a culture of security like there, it is just not called as the culture of security, but it has the same concept as involving the public to be an additional eye of the authorities,” she said.

Sara was among the Philippine local leaders invited to the US-sponsored “Strong Cities, Strong Partnerships: A Comprehensive Approach to Preventing Terrorism in Southeast Asia – A Project for the Philippines.”

The mayor looks forward to applying the Standard Operations Manual, which will serve as a guidebook in holding any event in the city.

“What we apply here in Davao is that every event, we make different plans, but in the US they already have a manual. So whenever there is a change of leadership at the police level, they already have a manual to follow,” she said.

Sara said the said manual is being used in holding the Rose Ball Parade in California that usually draws some 500,000 to one million spectators.

She vowed to continue to work on its counter-terrorism measures and improve the security sector for the safety and security of the Dabawenyos. CIO

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