On China and the novel coronavirus outbreak

We wish to acknowledge with great appreciation the donation of the Chinese government of 200,000 surgical masks and its offer of sharing medical information and findings on the novel coronavirus. Such sharing will go a long way in better understanding and containing the spread of nCoV.

We acknowledge the grave anxiety over the safety of the Chinese people, as well as the other nationals of the rest of the world, by the People’s Republic of China.

As members of the family of nations, we remain faithful in our commitment and resolve to help and support one another in these trying and quietus times even as we express our thanks to countries, including China, for helping us in our own fight against the spread of the virus in our territory.

We must caution those who sow hate, stigma and false narratives vis-à-vis the disease and its origin. They will only exacerbate the already heightened fear among the people by their negativism. Instead of dwelling on the negative, we all should join hands in allaying the apprehensions of the citizenry and contribute to the containment of the disease by observing and following the health protocols put up by the Department of Health and other agencies of the government.

Let us all be united and vigilant with the rest of the countries and their citizens in combatting and surmounting this global health emergency.

Salvador S. Panelo

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel

& Presidential Spokesperson

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