A 13-year old female was found dead in Maragusan, Davao de Oro Thursday, December 19.

Police report identified the victim as Leni Hoylar, grade-8 student of Maragusan National High School and a resident of GK Village in Barangay New Katipunan.

The student’s body was discovered by 68-year old Paulino Cuyos Ygot, farmer and a resident of Purok Palmera, Brgy. New Katipunan.

Ygot said that while he was about to tie the leash of his goat, he accidentally found the dead body beside the Dole-Stanfilco banana plantation around nine in the morning.


Initial Investigation at the area conducted by Maragusana MPS and Davao de Oro CIDG PFU revealed that the female dead body found was seen beside a grassy portion of the barangay road of the above-mentioned banana planation with a sustained head injury caused by a hard object.


The victim was pronounced dead by Dr. Efren Pates of MHO Maragusan at the place where the dead body was found and was brought to St. Thomas Funeral Home located at Purok Pinetree, Poblacion Maragusan for physical examination and swabbing of the private parts of the victim.

It was not yet determined if the victim was raped.


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