A “mistake” on the date of the memo sent to the Bureau of Corrections from the Office of the Governor of Davao del Norte has averted the planned dismantling of gates inside the Tagum Agricultural Development Company (Tadeco).

In a video posted on Tadeco Ko Bai Facebook page, lawyers of Tadeco claimed that the supposed schedule for the dismantling of the Tadeco fences is on October 7, 2019 as stated in the memo sent by the office of Governor Edwin Jubahib to the Bureau of Corrections.

In the said video, Gov. Jubahib could be overheard saying that his memo stated for a September 25 and not October 7.

But when shown a copy of the said memo, Jubahib and other provincial officials said that they will instead be doing a road maintenance instead of a dismantling of gates as they originally planned.

Davao del Norte Governor Edwin Jubahib has ordered for the dismantling of biosecurity fences in Tanglaw, Bugtong Lubi and El Canto located in the towns of Braulio E. Dujali and Sto. Tomas that have been installed by Tadeco for years now.

It was learned that the Governor’s office sent a notice to Tadeco for the dismantling of the biosecurity facilities as they are said to be “illegal contruction on public road”.

The governor reportedly invoked as legal basis the DILG Circular 2019-121 mandating LGUs to clear all obstructions on public roads.

The company lawyers however argued that the roads subject of the clearing are not public roads.

They are said to be farm roads inside the joint venture agreement area between Tadeco and the national government and is within Davao Penal Colony reservation.

The company’s lawyers have also repeatedly explained in the past that the said roads are not closed to the public.

But for some biosecurity measures to prevent spread of the Panama disease in bananas, people using the road are required to pass thru the tire bath and foot bath.

The provincial government officials vow to return on October 7 for the implementation of the governor’s order for the dismantling of the biosecurity facilities.

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