Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go checked the condition of Aljohn Andrade, an overseas Filipino worker who is undergoing therapy after falling into a coma for six months, when the Senator visited Kalibo, Aklan, on Thursday, September 19.
Go has been helping defray the expenses for hospitalization and therapy sessions of Andrade, 27, since December 2018. The latter’s condition has improved and is no longer bedridden.
Andrade was working as a waiter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, when he was found badly injured and unconscious beside a road on July 1, 2018. He reportedly fought back when some Saudi nationals mugged him and hit him in his head with a steel pipe.

When Andrade was brought back to the Philippines, he was confined at Rizal Medical Center in Pasig City.

Go gave financial assistance to Andrade’s family in December 2018 to help pay for his medicines the following month. When Andrade regained consciousness, Go provided him a monthly allowance for his therapy.
The Andrade family also received help from the government through the Malasakit Center, a one-stop shop that facilitates financial assistance from various government agencies.
Andrade is currently staying home at Barangay Linabuan Sur in Banga, Aklan, and was able to meet Go, who was visiting the victims of a fire that damaged the public market of Kalibo last September 15.
Andrade undergoes physical therapy twice a week, and Go vows to continue to help him until he fully regains his health.

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