A female suicide bomber reportedly attack a military checkpoint in Indanan, Sulu Sunday evening, September 8, 2019.

A report from the authorities showed that the incident happened around 5:45 pm in Barangay Kajatian while the military led by 2Lt. Pelong were conducting checkpoint in the area.

One Corporal Asmada Sabdani of 35IB PA noticed a female person wearing black hijab known as abaya who was walking along the road of the KM3 Highway going to the Camp of Alpha Company, 35IB.

When she was about to enter the gate, the duty guard took cover and warned the suspect. However, the suspect detonated an IED causing her body to be blown/ shredded into pieces.

The female suicide bomber however failed to bring harm to the soldiers and civilians in the area. Photo from the site showed the remains of the bomber’s scalp.

Last June 28, authorities confirmed the first Filipino suicide bomber in the person of Norman Lasuca who was one of the two suicide bombers that attacked Indanan that day.

On July 2018, another suicide bombing happened in Lamitan, Basilan but was said to have been perpetrated by a Moroccan national.

Authorities are still determining the identity of the female suicide bomber.

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