Monday pa ako nagsabi na heads will roll. Ngayon, nag-order na si Pangulong Duterte na ipahuli ulit ang mga prisoners na pinalaya na hindi naman dapat qualified for GCTA. Sa ngayon, binibigyan sila ng oportunidad na magsurrender. If ayaw nila magsurrender, considered fugitive na sila at danger to the public so shoot to kill if they resist arrest. 
I fully support the President’s order for the immediate re-arrest of all recidivists, habitual delinquents, escapees, and convicts involved in heinous crimes who were released because of the wrongful application of the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) under Republic Act No. 10592.
I believe that their re-arrest is a crucial step to correct the error committed by prison authorities in releasing the convicts and will also protect our people from those who may still be considered potential threats to society. 
Recognizing the immediate need to clarify the contentious issues in the said penal law, I filed yesterday Senate Bill No. 1003 which seeks to amend the Revised Penal Code that had been previously modified by RA No. 10592.  
In order to resolve the concerns regarding the application of the GCTA benefits, I am pushing that Congress clearly state the intent and policy of the law by excluding recidivists, habitual delinquents, escapees, and prisoners who were convicted of heinous crimes from the application of GCTA benefits.  
In order to remove any ambiguity, this bill specifically enumerates the heinous crimes.  Likewise, the bill provides that any release of prisoners on the basis of time allowances be subject to the review of DOJ and that the Bureau of Corrections be required to submit to Congress its report twice a year. The Bureau of Corrections will also be required to publish the list of all prisoners who are released on the basis of the grant of time allowances.
It is our duty to promote the general welfare of our people and protect them from any threat or harm to their person and liberty.  Being a legislator and a Senator of the Republic, it is my mandate to craft laws that will secure justice for the victims of heinous crimes. I will continue to support the government in its continuing and relentless fight against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption.

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