On or about 8:00 in the evening of August 24, 2019, CIDG Comval PFU led by PCapt Ricky Fornolles together with COMPOSTELA MPS led by PMaj Darwin Dura jointly arrested one Rudy Binag y Mahinay of Purok 7 Brgy. Poblacion, Compostela, Comval Province after a concerned citizen tipped off that the subject is in possession of unidentified firearm on his waist while having a drinking spree in a store. Upon verification through Operation Kapkap/Sita to the subject, it was known and in plain view that he is indeed in possession and control of the said firearm, One (1) unit Cal. 38 revolver without serial number with three(3) live ammunition and One(1) fragmentary Grenade placed inside his sling bag.

The said subject person is now temporarily detained at Compostela Municipal Police Station.

PCol Edilberto Leonardo, Regional Chief, CIDG RFU 11 congratulated the team and directed to run and hunt after criminals in the Region. We will not discount any report tipped to us by the concerned citizen and confidential informant but rather that will be our basis to take appropraite actions and proper dispositions.

In this effect the trust and confidence of the public is at hand, they are now helping the police to look for the criminals as alleged of series of Robbery incident transpired in the said area and other existence of criminalities. Nevertheless, it is our prime duty to protect the citizenry and that would mean we will implement the full force of the law and our mandate.

This office is now preparing a case in violation of RA 10591 otherwise known as AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A COMPREHENSIVE LAW ON FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS THEREOF against the suspect.

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