Four suspected criminals were arrested by the police in two simultaneous operations in Davao City Wednesday, August 14.

The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group 11 along with the Davao City Police Office conducted Oplan Paglalansag Omega and Oplan Salikop in Indangan and Mintal areas.

The entrapment operations were conducted at the Rock Gas station in Indangan and the Bamboo Estate Subdivision in Mintal around eleven this morning.

As a result, the following persons were arrested:

1. SARIO TAMAY BUTANLOG (leader of Butanlog criminal group)




Butanlog, Corpus and Doctor were arrested in Indangan while Panerio was arrested in Mintal.

Confiscated from their possession and control were the following:

1. Indangan area

a. One (1) unit .9mm caliber pistol with serial #. 161033

b. One (1) pc magazine for 9mm pistol loaded five (5) live ammo.

c. one (1) unit .38 caliver revolver without serial number loaded with Five (5) pcs live ammunation for caliber .38

d. Boodle money with one (1) pc 1000 peso bill bearing serial # LJ870811 (marked money)

2. From Mintal area

a. One (1) unit .38 caliber revolver without serial number loaded with four (4) pcs live ammunations, and

b. Boodle money with One (1) pc 500 peso bill bearing serial no. JA750649

Arrested persons were members of Butanlog Group, a newly-identified criminal gang engaged in gunrunning and peddling of illegal drugs in the area of Davao City and neighboring provinces.

The four are working as security guards while perpetrating their alleged crimes.

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