Mati City Mayor Michelle Nakpil Rabat lauded the directives made by President Rodrigo Duterte to all local government units during his fourth State of the Nation Address Monday, July 22.

In a statement, Mayor Michelle welcomed Duterte’s directive for LGUs to cut the red tape in government especially on the approval and releasing of government permits.

“The directive of President Rodrigo Duterte for LGUs and all government agencies to simplify and make services responsive to the people is very much welcome. Our automation and computerization program forms part of our 10-point agenda to make government processes as fast and as easy as possible, including government services, for the people especially those who belong to the marginalized sector, the poorest of the poor,” Mayor Michelle said.

“On clearances and permits from the LGU be released within 3 days, all of our department heads and employees are mandated to be in their respective offices by eight in the morning for this purpose. To readily sign and approve papers submitted to their offices and to cut red tape in the government,” Rabat added.

On the President’s notice to LGUs for the protection of environment and strict implementation of environmental laws, Mayor Michelle said that her administration would take heed and ensure that the Mati of City would be a front runner in this endeavor.

“Tourism is one of our priorities and we know for a fact that for tourism to flourish and sustain, the environment needs to be protected no matter what. We do not want a Boracay-like scenario happening in Mati thus this early we are already instituting measures for environment protection,” she said.

Mayor Michelle said that all of President Duterte’s directives “will be reflected in our next year’s budget”.

“Priorities are health, agriculture social welfare, to bring services to the poorest of the poor,” she ended. (CIO MATI)

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