The City of Mati Mayor Michelle Nakpil Rabat outlined her priority projects during her first inaugural address before the City Council Thursday, July 4, 2019.

Mayor Rabat, the first city mayor of Mati, identified education, agriculture, health, social welfare, tourism, peace and order, housing, disaster preparedness and sports as her administration’s priorities for the next three years.

Health will however get the lion share of the annual budget starting next year with 15%.

On education, Mayor Rabat said that the City Government will be providing scholarships to deserving Matinians from elementary, high school and college.

On tourism, with Mati fast-becoming the best tourist destination in the region, Mayor Rabat said she will be creating a Tourism Council that would help boost the industry in the city.

The lady mayor also welcomed the plan of the Provincial Government and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) to reopen the Mati airport for commercial use.

It was learned that the Mati airport was built in the 80s by Mayor Rabat’s father, then Davao Oriental Governor Francisco G. Rabat. Cebu Pacific is reportedly interested on the Mati route after it topped in the airline’s survey for new destinations.

On peace and order, Mayor Rabat vowed to make Mati a drug-free city as she plans on constructing a drug rehabilitation center with the help of the national government.

Mayor Rabat also urged everyone to be prepared for any calamities especially so that Mati lies in two earthquake faults and has been hit by strong typhoons in the past.

She also plans on relocating all residents in danger zones and constructing housing projects in safer areas. Rabat said global and smart town centers will also be constructed to make Mati ready for the future.

With her father being a basketball player in his younger days, Mayor Rabat said that she wants the young to be involved in sports thus her plan to construct a training center that will train young athletes all year round and not just when there are upcoming sports competition.

Mayor Rabat also urged the City Council to revisit the past ordinances that may need amending or abolition.

The new city mayor also vowed to make the government bureaucracy as transparent as possible. But she also warned all government employees that they will be made accountable of all their actions in the past as well as the future as her administration will not tolerate any anomalies.

“We are here to serve the needy and not the greedy. If you want change to happen, be the change,” Mayor Rabat said. (MATI CIO)

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