DAVAO CITY–The sighting of a pair of Philippine eagle in the geothermal reservation site in Makilala, North Cotabato, has prompted the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) to conduct research in the area.

PEF head for research and development Dr. Jason Ibanez said the study, in coordination with the Energy Development Corporation (EDC), will run for a year and will be conducted after determining the nesting site of the eagles.

“Our first target is to find the nest and once we find it that’s the time that the research, monitoring, and conservation happens,” Ibanez said over the weekend, adding the study could potentially expand from three to five years.

Ibanez said they are currently monitoring 37 pairs of eagles with breeding nests in the wild.

The oldest nesting site was found in Mt. Apo in 1972 and in Mt. Sinaka in 1995. These nests are still being used up to this time because eagles are known to maintain the same breeding site across generations, he added.

“The nest must be healthy and intact for the eagles to use because it is important to their reproduction,” Ibanez said, adding close monitoring ensures that nesting sites are protected.

During the last breeding season in 2018, Ibanez said they were able to monitor eight young eagles.

Ibanez said eagles normally take care of their young for two years after the chick is hatched.

Ibanez hopes more eagles would survive in the wild to ensure that their population continues to grow. (Digna D. Banzon)

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