After several raids by authorities on various illegal investment schemes in the Davao Region, most specially in Davao del Norte, several residents are now demanding for the campaign promises of their elected officials who vowed to protect the operation of investment companies in their province.

In particular, Davao del Norte governor-elect Edwin Jubahib was earlier quoted as saying that he would allow the continued operation of Kapa, Rigen and other investment scheme companies operating in the province if he is elected.62262351_650122158836610_6142877125427855360_o

Supporters of Jubahib are however quick to point out that the new governor is set to assume office on June 30. The supporters also said that it was not Jubahib who ordered the raid on the investment scheme companies but President Rodrigo Duterte.

Aside from Jubahib, Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon was also quoted as having favored the operation of investment companies in his city as it, according to him, brought zero-crime incidence in Tagum.

Police Regional Office 11 director Brig. General Marcelo Morales however dismissed Rellon’s claim saying that there is no proof to such claim.

Who is behind Rigen Marketing?

With the proliferation of investment schemes in Davao Region the past months, one of the standout companies, so to speak, is Rigen Marketing whose base of operation is in Tagum City, Davao del Norte.

With a promise of as much as four times return of investment, Rigen Marketing has enticed thousands of investors in just a few months of operation. And who could resist an offer of your investment raking up 400% returns in more or less one month?58933456_2184341291660816_7566630304123715584_n

The big question now, who is behind this such a “successful” startup business that is believed to be now raking in millions of pesos in investments monthly?

With a little background check, a young businessman named John Rigen is claiming to be the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Rigen Marketing. He also claims to be a “seeker at crypto-coins”.

In his Facebook account, Rigen claims to have studied Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of Mindanao in Tagum City.57303489_1508382229291947_51298367828918272_n

A further browsing on his FB account showed that he started with his being a “seeker at crypto-coins” only on March 5, 2019. Then on April 12, Rigen launched Rigen Marketing in Tagum City. Then on May 16, they had their first “payout”.

A further probe using Facebook showed another account under the name of one Rico Garcia with a photo of Rigen in the profile. Posts from Rigen’s FB account also showed that he is somehow close to one Zen Ciaragz who turns out to be Rose Garcia.57012586_1508382259291944_9159147299228614656_n

A highly reliable source said that Rico Garcia or John Rigen is actually the son of Rose Garcia. And who is Rose Garcia? She turns out to be the chief of staff of Davao del Norte 1st District Representative Pantaleon Alvarez.

Further probing in Rigen’s FB account also showed that he was involved in the activities of the 1st congressional district and even represented Alvarez on several occasions in 2018, before Rigen Marketing started its operation.

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