By June 10, Grab will deactivate at least 8,000 TNVS who have not yet submitted any evidence that they have a provisional authority from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

This will be done after Grab had acted in good faith that TNVS partners would comply within the time frame agreed upon with the LTFRB.

“This will reduce the number of vehicles servicing our commuting public, thus inconveniencing many Filipinos. We hope that this inconvenience will be temporary, as we anticipate new drivers – even those from the 8,000 – to take advantage of the 10,000 new slots for application starting June 10,” said Brian Cu, President of Grab Philippines.

LTFRB in December opened 20,000 slots and the drivers who applied have only until June 7 to perfect their applications.

“This is very painful for us, our drivers, and passengers, but it is Grab’s duty to help the LTFRB enforce our regulations,” Cu added.

Cu also said the new drivers should apply quickly since the deactivation of the 8,000 TNVS would worsen the current lack of drivers.

“At the end of the day, many Filipinos will suffer from this painful step – both the drivers and the passengers. We would want to avoid this from happening, but we are bound to comply with our regulator,” Cu said.

Grab has around 45,000 active TNVS on their platform.

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