NSFA, Camp Panacan, Davao City – We are one with the peace- loving Filipino people in condemning the bombing of Jolo Cathedral in Brgy. Walled City, Jolo, Sulu at 8:15am today, which hurt and killed church-goers.

We are assuring everyone that the Eastern Mindanao Command is closely monitoring and coordinating with our counterparts in Western Mindanao and other law enforcement agencies like the PNP and NICA for us to have a better situational analysis. Further our security mechanism is in place to ensure the safety of everyone.

While we have to heighten our alert level, particularly in securing all places of worships, place of convergence and public places, be informed however, that we have not received any hard information that any of our areas is directly under threat.

We encourage the public to be more vigilant and cooperative with the authorities in reporting any security related concerns, however we also urge everyone to remain calm and avoid spreading unvalidated information that may cause panic in our respective communities as this will not help in our security instead contributing to the terrorist victory.

The Joint Task Force Sulu also strongly condemns the bombing incident in Jolo Cathedral.

Such act of terror that victimizes non- combatants (civilians) to advance personal objectives is a blatant display of cowardice which do not conform with tradition & teachings of Islam.

JTFS will relentlessly hunt the perpetrators of this terror act until justice is served. We will remain steadfast & committed as the Joloano’s active partner in bringing peace in Sulu.

The people of Sulu will never be frightened. Your JTF Sulu will continue to protect the people of Sulu.

(Video by Rash Sangkula)

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