SUBJECT: Spot Report on Armed Encounter Against Robbery Suspect.

At about 8:15 AM, January 15, 2019, elements of DCPO composed of Investigation and Intelligence Section, Talomo Police Station led by PCI Ronald L Lao, Tugbok Police Station led by PCI Obenza and personnel of PAOCC headed by PCI Alvin O. Senente conducted operation against a robbery suspect responsible in the series of robbery incidents in Davao City victimizing Delivery Panel Trucks.

Per infomation received, the suspect was spotted in the vicinity of Matina Biao Elementary School who was armed with a pistol visibly tucked in his waist. Further information disclosed that suspect was seen dodging Delivery Panels using his motorcycle that were passing along the road of Matina Biao wherein another robbery will be staged.

At around 10:30AM of the same date, as the Joint Special Task Force Operatives arrived at the said place and saw the said suspect, they were confronted with several succesive gun shots from the said suspect using his pistol prompting said lawmen to return fire to defend themselves against said violent attack.

The Suspect was identified as JULIUS CORESES BUOT, 42 yrs old, with live in, jobless, resident of Pk 3, Matina Biao, Davao City who suffered mutiple gunshot wounds on his head and body.

He was immediately brought to Holy Spirit, Mintal, Davao City for medical treatment but was declared DOA by the attending physician.

Soco Team led by PCI Tracy Raot-Raot arrived and conducted crime scene investigation resulting in the recovery of one (1) unit cal. 45 ACP with one magazine assembly loaded with six live ammos, One (1) unit MEO Yamaha Motorycle with temporary Plate No.1101384435, one (1) KG9 INGRAM with one (1) magazine loaded with 14 live ammunitions.

Also recovered inside the suspect’s sling bag were three (3) magazines loaded with ammunitions, cash money and a cellular phone.

The live in partner of the suspect identified as ZINITH BARCELON EVARDONE, female, 34 years old, voluntary turned over to the police officers the following items believed to be owned by his previous robbery victims, to wit:

a.) Two (2) Samsung Tablets
b.) One(1) Vivo cellular phone
c.) One (1) Huawei cellular phone
d.) One (1) O+ cellularphone
e.) one ( 1) Cherry Mobile cellular phone.

Also turned over by ZINITH BARCELON EVARDONE was one (1) gray sweat shirt believed to be used by the suspect in his robbery activities.

5. For information and progress report will follow.

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