Dear Mister President,

First and foremost, let me lay down the predicate of this letter.

I love you! I have known you like half of my life. You have greatly influenced me thru my college and professional years thus no one can blame me for my blind obedience.

I grew up independent. I started my professional career without any bias or prejudice against you.

I just knew that you were the mayor of Davao City who was suspected of killing an NBI agent in a subdivision in Bangkal.

When I started my career as a journalist back in 1993, I barely knew you.

But I heard a lot about you. I could hardly remember a time when you made an impression on me. For me, you were the mayor that was not in my beat since I was mostly assigned to out of town coverages.

My fascination towards you started when I met you at the Top of the Apo and you presented to us several ID cards which later turned out to be owned by supposed victims of the much talked about Davao Death Squad.

It was then that I came to made up my mind that you indeed were behind the shadowy vigilante group.

Years past, I came to personally know you better thru a common friend.

In the past 15 years that I got to get close to you, I knew you better. You told me of your most intimate desires, of your fantasies. And most importantly of your wishes for the Dabawenyos and the Filipino people.

It is when I truly admired you. I knew back then that with you at the helm of the city government, nothing could go wrong.

Two years before the 2016 elections, I already knew you were up to something great.

I still remember, back in Cebu City, when you said that if you were to land at the top 3 of the survey, you would seriously entertain the thought of running for president.

Fast forward, you made it! You became the chief executive of the country.

Now on to your third year as President, I could not help but notice the growing sentiment against you for the controversies surrounding your presidency.

On the bright side, it was not because of any irregularities on how you are running the national government.

It is because of your controversial statements that rocked the so-called decency of the society.

I was immune to your bluntness and your straight forwardedness. But I am not your common Juan dela Cruz, Mr. President.

Not every Filipino could take when you confess having fondled your maid during your teenage years.

Just as I was shocked when you told me that you were molested by your nanny when you were very young.

This, you said, could be the reason why you were so fascinated with coitus.

I love you so much Mr. President that I so wanted to plea to you to refrain. Refrain from giving your enemies the weapon that could pin you down later on.

I know that some of the stories could just simply be a show of machismo on your part.

I know how people of your age wanted so much to brag about their sexual escapades to make up of what they’re already missing.

I love you so much Mr. President that I am willing to defend you, come what may, against your detractors.

I know you mean well!

I know how much you love to uplift the lives of every Filipino. I know you are willing to rot in hell just so every Filipino could dwell in heaven.

I know for a fact that you are one hell of a leader. But some Filipinos don’t. And most of those who don’t are hell bent on incarcerating you after your term just like what they did with GMA and Erap.

I do not wish for you to experience the same. Thus this request, Mr. President. Please refrain from giving your enemies the reason to put you in jail. For they will exert all efforts to put you behind bars.

You have done so much for the Dabawenyos the past 20 years and fot the Filipinos the past two years.

We will do everything in our power to make your remaining years a blissful one as our way of thanking you for your contribution to our country.

Mr. President, please help us. Help us ensure that your enemies will not succeed in whatever nefarious plot they have against you.

Please Mr. President, temper your mouth. If you really wanted to make any braggadocio, just say it in whisper and not in public.

We love you Mr. President, we wish you well.

Your loving constituent

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