At about 2:30 in the afternoon of November 21, 2018, CIDG RFU11-Davao City Field Unit led by PCI MILGRACE C DRIZ and Davao City Police Office Station 12 (Marilog PS) conducted joint entrapment Operation on the CIDG flagship program on OPLAN Paglalansag Omega, or operation against loose firearms, OPLAN SALIKOP or operation against Criminal Gangs and OPLAN OLEA or operations in violation of the Revised Penal Code hence, in this case of Swendling at Sitio Kibangan, Marilog District, Davao City that resulted to the arrest of the three (3) Suspects namely

1.) SANTOS CULIMBANG SAIWAN, male, married, 53 yrs old, a resident of Purok Marilog Proper, Marilog District, Davao City

2.) ROBERT MANDAHAY TOMAS, male, single, 34 years old, resident of Brgy. Dalglumot, Marilog District, Davao City

3.) RYAN ONGCAS AMBIN, male, married, 28 years old, resident of Sitio Ibalang, Brgy. Marilog Proper, Marilog District, Davao City

who were members of Ing2x CG operating in Davao Del Sur and neighboring provinces on Robbery Hold-up, Gun running and Swendling.

The entrapment operation tilted and cocked when Suspects were actually selling fake gold bar to thier victim MERLITA CHOME MAER, resident of Taytay Rizal.

Further, during the arrest the following items were recovered and confiscated from the possession of the suspects;

1.Three (3) Bundle of boodle money with three (3) genuine 500 peso bill with SN: LY521716, LP025817 and DB670905 (buy bust money);

2. One (1) supreme sling bag color gray containing one (1) fake gold bar;
3. One (1) Anello sling bag color blue containing one (1) .357 caliber revolver pistol loaded with six (6) .38 caliber live ammos;
4. One (1) SK corporation sling bag color gray and black containing one (1) COLT .45 caliber pistol with one (1) magazine loaded with three (3) .45 live ammos;
5. One (1) Anello sling bag color red and blue containing one (1) STI .45 caliber pistol with one (1) magazine loaded with three (3) .45 live ammos;
6. One (1) maroon back pack containing ARMY uniform.

Further, the arrested persons were brought to this unit for booking and documentation.

Thereafter, the suspects were brought to Marilog PS for safekeeping.

The neutralization of this group has paved to the apprehension of swendling syndicates that is transiently operating in Davao Region. Our Regional Chief, PSupt Edgardo Leonardo commended the operating troops and it is the directive of our new CIDG Director PCSupt Amador V Corpuz to extremely monitor and dismantle or neutralize syndicates or Crime Groups operating in our AOR’s.

This success has been attributed and credited to the public who continue their trust to the PNP particularly CIDG in catering high profile cases that need to be resolved. Public’s cooperation and informations has a great part and will lead to the success of the apprehension and neutralization of criminals.

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