Camp Sgt. Quintin Merecido, Buhangin, Davao City– During the implementation of a Search Warrant today at 3:50 AM, Sta Ana Police Station operatives led by PCI Michael Uyanguren, engaged in an armed confrontation with the suspect which resulted to his untimely death.

The operating team implemented search warrant number 1996 issued by Hon Judge Emannuel Carpio against subject person RUSTY LIMALIMA GOMEZ, 40 years old, male, jobless and a resident of Purok 8, Brgy. Monteverde, Davao City.

Upon arrival at the area, the operating team knocked at the door of the subject’s house and pronounced their authority and their intent to implement the search warrant, however, the subject drew his firearm and fired towards the police officers but missed. PO1 Acero tried to grappled with the subject and handcuffed but resisted and attempted to shoot again towards the police officers compelling the same to fight back to defend himself who was then in an imminent danger.

After the shoot out, the suspect was immediately rushed at the Southern Philippine Medical Center for immediate medical treatment

The implementing team proceeded to search the said place as witnessed by representative of DOJ and Barangay Captain Robert Diaz of Barangay Tomas Monteverde, where they recover a black rectangular container- the subject of the Search Warrant containing: five (5) pcs. elongated heat sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline granules believed to be shabu;
Two (2) pcs. rectangular heat sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline granules believed to be shabu and; One (1) pc improvised aluminum tooter, one (1) pc. improvised Foil stripe and one (1) pc. Improvised foil needle.

In the place of incident, the investigator on case endorsed the crime scene to RCLO XI SOCO Team led by PCI SILVERON who also conducted a parallel investigation where they recovered one (1) unit TAURUS .38 cal revolver loaded with three (3) live cartridge cases and one (1) fired cartridge case and one (1) fired cartridge case believed to be .9mm cal pistol and now under their custody. After the crime processing, the Investigator- on-Case proceeded to SPMC to check the status of the suspect who was pronounced dead while being revived by the attending physician Dr. Mark Lester M. Ibañez.

Confiscated drug evidence has an estimated weight of 3.093 grams with an estimated street market value of Php15,000.00 pesos and now in the custody of said station for proper disposition.

The subject is one of the Top 8 drug personalities of Davao City Police Office (DCPO).

PCSUPT MARCELO C MORALES, PRO 11 Regional Director, lauded the troops for this operation against a notorious drug suspect. He then again called on drug offenders to stop this illegal activity and not to put up a fight against the authorities when caught or apprehended, it is always been our primodial duty to safeguard our life and lives of the innocent civillians, ” he added.

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