A coalition of several government agencies and concerned individuals or groups is created that would run after corrupt public officials.

The Truth and Justice Coalition is spearheaded by the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) and the Office of the Special Assistant to the President (OSAP) with lawyers, retired officials, religious leaders and others from the private sector who have committed their time and talents to be part of the coalition.

SAP Sec. Christopher “Bong” Go said their ultimate goal is to strengthen our institutions by not tolerating any abuse of power in government.

“My office and the office of PACC commissioner Greco Belgica are working together in apprehending corrupt officials and in submitting to the president concrete evidences that led to the resignation and filing of cases against low, middle, and even high ranking officials from customs, BIR, DOTR, DOJ, DPWH, AFP and PNP, among others,” Go said.

At present, the PACC is investigating and preparing a report against 50-80 officials allegedly involved in corruption.

But their effort is however hampered by the “limitations” of their offices.

“That is why we sought the help of our citizenry to help us fight corruption. This COALITION will help authorities conduct fact finding inquiries, lifestyle checks, and other investigations. Deputized persons will submit regular reports. The coalition will also propose a task force to institute systemic change to policy reforms. To ensure the safety of our deputized persons, proper coordination is being done with other government agencies: the DOJ to provide witness protection, the NBI to conduct reliable investigation, and the BIR to ensure full compliance,” Go revealed.

An Informant’s Reward System is also being explored. Go said they will study how they can reward any responsible citizen who brings to their attention that someone somewhere is stealing the people’s money.

“Fighting graft and corruption is not solely the function of the government. A clean government is everybody’s business. We welcome groups and individuals that wish to be part of this fight to cleanse our government. Having a citizen’s initiative such as a coalition for good governance is a good step towards the right direction. Magtulungan po tayo,” Go ended.

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