It has come to my attention that certain individuals are talking to the petitioners and witnesses in the disbarment case filed against me, asking them to withdraw their complaint.

Behind this is an individual who is seeking appointment as a Justice of the Supreme Court. This person has been trying to spin my case to get a favorable ruling — hoping that I may take notice of him.

This individual should take note that I do not have a hand in Supreme Court appointments. That is beyond my authority as Mayor of Davao City.

The Office of the President should think twice in appointing this individual to be a Justice — more so a Chief Justice. He clearly lacks the virtues of honor, justice, and fairness.

So the public may know, I have never asked any complainant or witness to withdraw their disbarment case against me as I have always maintained that I will face the consequences of my actions on that fateful day of July 1, 2011.

Please do not believe individuals making representations on my behalf.

Thank you.

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