Presidential son Paolo Duterte lashes at Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who earlier criticized the filing of libel charges against him by the resigned Davao City vice mayor.

Earlier today, Trillanes said that the filing of libel by the young Duterte and his brother-in-law Atty. Manases Carpio against him clearly shows that the Dutertes are luring him to go to Davao City, the hometown of the Dutertes.

“Ang Davao City judges pa naman, nakakatanggap ng special allowances mula sa city government. tapos kapatid niya ang mayor. Maliwanag na medyo nakakaimpluwensya yun,” Trillanes was quoted as saying.

The senator, who’s been staying inside the Senate building for weeks now after his amnesty was declared as void by President Rodrigo Duterte, said if he needs to travel to Davao City to face the complaint then he would go to Davao.

In his reply Tuesday afternoon, Paolo Duterte said that Trillanes has the parliamentary immunity when it comes to his accusations against the Dutertes regarding the controversial shabu shipment.

Trillanes’ allegation that the Dutertes asked money from Uber was however not within the ambit of parliamentary immunity as they were uttered during an interview in Cebu sometime ago.

“Panu sya kasuhan ng libel sa shabu issue e ngtatago sya sa parliamentary immunity. Ung issue sa libel na nafile laban skanya ay di sakop sa immunity. Di kasi ngiisiip puro satsat. Duwag pa! Puro dakdak duwag nman pala. Ayaw at takot harapin ang kaso skanya. Walang Bayag! Atleast kmi hinarap namin sya s senado. Di na nya pwede gamitin ang parliamentary immunity nya ngayon,” Paolo Duterte said in a text message.

“We leave it to the courts now. What we did was to resort to what was approapriate in response to his actions that brought damage to our reputation. He should take responsibility and learn to man up and stop crying like a brat. See you in court, Senator,” Paolo Duterte added.

Duterte has filed libel charge against embattled Senator Antonio Trillanes IV before the Davao City Prosecutors Office last September 6.

The young Duterte said the libel complaint stemmed from the senator’s interview accusing Duterte of asking money from Uber officials to which the complainant vehemently denied.

Aside from the libel case, the former vice mayor also filed a civil case for damages against Trillanes.

Presidential son-in-law Manases Carpio also filed a separate libel charge against Trillanes.

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