STATEMENT OF SAP BONG GO on Rappler Article that he invited Cagayan Valley Officials in Malacanan on the eve of Typhoon Ompong

I would like to commend/compliment the reporter of PDI for writing about what really transpired when the Cagayan Province officials went to Malacañang last Friday. If one would compare the said article with that which was posted on the fake news website called Rappler, the latter reeks of malice and evil intention. The PDI story on the said visit clearly indicated why the officials visited the Palace.

And I would like to reiterate, and this is for those who think they can just malign us in government by using their deceptive style of writing same as that of Rappler, that I was in Davao City when the officials met with ES Medialdea. I was in Davao with the President, monitoring the typhoon. In fact, we advised the officials 3 days earlier not to proceed with their visit as the typhoon was already coming, but they went ahead since the said visit has been scheduled already. They also said that they have concerns and problems about their province that they would want to discuss with us, so ES Medialdea accommodated them. for Rappler to say that I invited them to a Palace tour on the eve of the typhoon’s landfall clearly shows the intent of the story, and that is to inflame and infuriate the reading public.

Instead of giving the correct information, this spurious news website has chosen to disseminate false and bogus news. I suggest they write stories that are in accordance with facts.

Sana magsulat na lang si Pia at ang Rappler tungkol sa bagyo para naman makatulong sila sa mga kababayan natin, para malaman ng mga followers nila kung ano na ang nangyayari sa mga lugar na apektado ng bagyo.

Rappler story on Cagayan officials’ visit in Malqcañan

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