Camp Merecido, Catitipan, Davao City- Effective this morning, September 13,2018, Chief PNP, PDG Oscar Albayalde has declared full alert status nationwide to prepare for the possible effects of Typhoon Ompong.

Ompong is expected to lash large swaths of the country with intense rains and fierce winds that will hit Northern and Southern Luzon tomorrow and on Saturday , according to PAGASA.

Although the said typhoon will not directly hit in Davao Region, still, PCSUPT Marcelo Morales Regional Director Police Regional Office 11 called an emergency conference yesterday attended by the Command and Directorial staff, Provincial and City Directors, Force Commander of RMFB 11 and the Chiefs of the National Support Units. It has activated its Incident Management Task Group, an updated and enhanced pro-active plan of action of the PNP on disaster preparedness and response management in support to other concerned agencies.

Oplan “Saklolo” prescribes the support strategy, operational concept, and scheme of implementation to accomplish the PNP’s support mission in times of disaster and calamity situations. More so, disaster response troops, equipment and supplies are pre positioned especially in areas that are expected to experience heavy rains brought by the said Typhoon.

According to PCSUPT Marcelo Morales Regional Director, PRO 11 supports the government’s disaster risk reduction and management efforts in accordance with the PNP Critical Incident Management Operational Procedures. We have on standby fifty (50) personnel from the Regional Mobile Force Battalion RMFB 11 and Medical Responders composed of doctors and nurses ready to be deployed anytime to affected areas in Northern and Southern Luzon and some part of Visayas Region.

Further, PCSupt Morales, has directed all PNP Commanders in the region to conduct preparation to ensure the readiness of the police force during calamity and disaster. Morales also ensures that equipment such as Rubber Boats, Life Vests, and other Search, Rescue and Retrieval Operations Equipment are serviceable.

While we are checking this equipment, individual equipment must also be check like personal clothing, foods and water, medicine, flashlights, whistles and toiletries.

We will be setting Emergency Communication System; portable generators and handheld radios are neccessary to prepare as cell sites and other telecommunications might be affected.

Despite this all, we will not down grade our alert level on security operations as criminals and terrorists might take advantage of this opportune time. We will continue our efforts in the maintenace of peace and order, prevent and control crimes of looting, robbery and other similar crimes.

“I have my men instructed to coordinate closely other government agencies and with CDRRMC and their Local government units for possible enforcement of forced evacuation in high-risk communities if heavy rain may arise. We are also appealing to our people in the affected areas to cooperate with their local police, to stay safe, prepared, alert and informed and heed the orders of the authorities particularly on preemptive evacuation that might be enforced because after all, we are after for everyone’s safety. Your police in Region 11 will be there where we are needed most and together we will weather the storm,” he ended.

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