President Rodrigo Duterte is not bothered by the claim of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV that some military and police officers, about 200 of them, have expressed their support to the beleaguered senator.

Floating the possibility of a coup d’ etat, Trillanes said that President Duterte should realize that Marcos and Estrada, both loved by the military and the police during their reign, were ousted by a military junta.

Asked of his reaction to Trillanes’ claim upon his arrival at the Davao International Airport from Amman, Jordan Saturday morning, President Duterte said that he would not allow his officers to be fighting against their fellow officers staging a coup.

He said that if ever a coup indeed happens, he would simply have coffee with the plotters and ask them who they want to replace him and happily leave Malacanang Palace.

In his speech, Duterte revealed that he had some information of a plan to be implemented in October. He said the plot was hatched by the “Dilawans”, Trillanes, and the “Politburo”. A politburo is short for political bureau of the communist party.

Though refusing to give much details, Duterte said Trillanes has been interacting with the communists for sometime now in his effort to throw him out of power. This, he said, is one of the many reasons why he is also singling out Trillanes from all the other military officers who applied for amnesty grant back in 2010.

Duterte said that as a chief executive and commander-in-chief, he can choose whom to give amnesty to or not. Or in the case of Trillanes, whose amnesty to void or not.

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