Police Regional Office 11 under the leadership of PCSUPT MARCELO MORALES Regional Director Police Regional Office 11 facilitated the First Aid Olympics in line with the Hospital Week of the Regional Health Service 11 that at around 8:00 am of September 7, 2018 participants from differents units of the Region to include National Support Units gathered infront of PRO 11 grandstand to compete and show their prowess and proficiency in handling emergency situations like giving first aid to victims of different scenarious and crisis situations.

Among the contender who got on top; Champion is the Davao del Sur Police Provincial Office; 1st place is from the Reional Crime Laboratory Office who tied with the Regional Highway Patrol Group, 2nd place is from Regional Unit of Special Action Force, 3rd place is from Davao Norte Police Provincial Office.

They were also given an special awards for the best of best team for the best in bandaging goes to Regional Crime Laboratory Office; in splinting goes to Regional Special Training Unit; for the best team to

Transport goes to Davao Del Norte Police Provincial Office; for the best team in CPR goes to Davao del Sur Police Provincial Office and on the best team who got the top to perform the situational analysis is from the Regional Maritime Unit.

Pcsupt Marcelo Morales said, that this activity have pave way the competency of skills and knowledge among units in the respond to crisis situation and to develop initiatives on the top of every situation as Safety Officers. It is basic that we must have this skills among our personnel in every unit since our Constitutional mandate in every situation is to protect and save life.

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