The Philippine National Police recently released a report indicating that Davao City has the highest number of rape cases among major cities in the country.

In 2017, this fact has been taken up in the Davao City Peace and Order Council, where it was discovered that many of these cases where incestuous rape or rape by someone who has a close relationship with the victim such as a neighbor or a friend.

The Davao City Social Services and Development Office was tasked to conduct a research and implement programs to curb the rising incidence of this kind of rape.

There have been several interventions conducted by the City Government and its partner agencies.

One of these interventions, and the most effective of which, targeted communities where children are taught about sexuality and sexual abuse, including when a touch by a family member is no longer appropriate and acceptable.

These interventions spearheaded by the CSSDO resulted in a significant drop in the incidence of rape cases from 120 in 2017 to 95 in 2018, both in the same period of January to June — as reported by DCPO City Director Alexander Tagum, citing the Rape Data of the Women and Children Protection Desk (WCPD) Investigation and Detection Manaagement Board (IDMB)

This positive effect of government action should not be lost in the repertoire of the President and the attacks by those who hate his guts and humor.

I can truthfully say that there was action and positive effect.

And I pose this question to all who seemingly want to see Davao City fail — what have you done to help?

Thank you.

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