Look at these 3 scans of magnetic lifters which the PDEA claims to contain P6.8 billion of shabu.

There are three variations here. You decide which and who is telling the truth:

The photo above is a colored scan which shows stacks of packed items inside the magnetic lifters that could have been the contraband shabu.

The second photo of the scan is what the Bureau of Customs shared to the public during its press conference. A “darkened version” (negative) which no longer shows the stacks of packs inside the equipment.

This is what the X-ray scan using the “usual setting” of Customs inspectors.

The BOC X-ray chief said that X-ray inspectors use whatever setting is “friendly to their eyes” adding that the most used setting by Customs scanners was the colorless negative scan.

The question is, does the phrase “friendly to their eyes” could also mean friendly to their pockets?

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