Camp Quintin M Merecido, Davao City- PCSUPT Marcelo C Morales, Regional Director, welcomes NAPOLCOM Commissisoner Felizardo M Serapio Jr., during his executive visit at Police Regional Office 11 on August 28, 2018 at 10:00 in the morning.

During the message of Commissioner Serapio Jr, he lauded Police Regional Office 11 for the invaluable accomplishments, supported by the National Administative Support Unit (NASU) and National Operations Support Unit (NOSU) for innovating its strategies and approaches to defy all the challenges that the organization is facing now. He also encouraged a holistic approach that involves community in addressing lawlessness in the countryside.

“We are honored and grateful for this executive visit of Commissioner Felizardo Serapio Jr., as this is a great opportunity for us to be able to hear his guidance and directives in policing system and sharing his inputs and strategies as internal security operation enthusiast in the PNP organization,” PCSUPT Marcelo Morales said.
As new Regional Director, he further encourage everyone in this Regional Office to work in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies and more so with the community.

Apparently, we have the same vision, we dominantly fought our outrage of this perennial problem of criminality and terrorism. The PNP have so much to work ahead of protecting our domain as this may lead to potential outbreak of Peace and Development that the administration is pushing now.

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