Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go is willing to help teenagers recover from drugs if they commit themselves to be rehabilitated after the group surrendered to the police.

This after he scolded the teens for cursing the President and warned them of the dire consequences of advocating the use of illegal substances, as seen in a video that had gone viral on social media.

The video showed seven youngsters smoking marijuana and shouting expletives at the President. They also dared the President to make marijuana legal in the country.

Upon seeing the video, Go said if the teeners don’t mend their ways, they would end up smoking marijuana in hell.

“Alam niyo wala kayo respeto sa ating pangulo, minumura niyo pa siya at hinahamon na gawing legal. Pag ginawa niyo pa yan, irerecommend ko sa pangulo na ipakain sainyo… Kung hindi, mahithit niyo ‘yan doon sa impyerno,” he said.

(You have no respect to the President. You cursed him and challenged him to legalize it. If you continue that, i will recommend to the President to make you eat it. If not, you can smoke that in hell)

When six of the seven surrendered today, he advised them to shape up and take government’s effort to go into rehabilitation.

He also advised them to get into sports like basketball to keep themselves off drugs.

Go gave the same message to other drug addicts, saying both government and the private sector have made drug rehab centers available for free.

“Tulungan natin ang mga adik na makawala sa bisyo nila,” Go said. “Kung hindi, sa impyerno talaga sila aabutin.”

(Let us help drug addicts escape from their vice. If they don’t they will end up in hell.)

video of arrested teener who cursed Duterte and smoked weed

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