An ex-convict was killed in a buy-bust operation Sunday, August 26.

Chief Superintendent Marcelo C Morales Regional Director of the Police Regional Office (PRO)11 identified the suspect as Rico Ainin Doldolia a.k.a Rico resident of Brgy 21-C Piapi Bouleverd Davao City, an ex-convict for his involvement in illegal drugs, illegal possession of firearm and alleged robbery cases in the City.

He added that this Police Regional Office will continue to draw on the illegal drug personalities who fought back the drug enforcement operatives. In today’s incident at Talomo Police Station in coordination with the lead agency, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) 11, conducted drug bust operation at around 2:00PM in Brgy. 76-A, Davao City that resulted to Doldolia’s death.

Doldolia, might however noticed that the person he transacted is a member of a Drug Enforcement Team, he suddenly drew his concealed firearm from his right pants pocket and fired towards PO1 Lagura who by then his back up PO 1 Leparto made to defend his buddy which prompted Doldolia to shootout with the the elements of the police who defended themselves by firing back the subject person.

Doldolia was brought to Southern Philippines Medical Center for immediate treatment but was pronounced dead on arrival by the attending physician.

Recovered from the suspect’s possession while in the h0spital were One(1) pc. elongated transparent plastic sachet containing suspected shabu, one(1) pc. rectangular size transparent plastic sachet containing suspected pc. 1,000 peso bill wth SN TW765680 (marked mney), one(1) dsposable ligther ang one(1) pc blade(cut into half)
while evidence recovered from the Crime Scene were one (1) unit of homemade 9mm Taurus, revolver cylinder loaded with three (3) live ammunitions, two (2) pieces of fired catridges and five (5) pieces of fired cartridges believed to be from 9mm pistol.

All of those recovered pieces of Drug and Ballistics evidence will be submitted to Regional Crime Laboratory Office 11 for forensic examination.

“This is a dire consequence if a suspect will get himself involve in illegal drugs and also a clear warning to those Drug Syndicates who are still trying to entrude Davao Region that we will totally cleanse our region as we wage the war on drugs because it is not fair that a person like him will continue engaging in illicit activities and ruin the lives of the innocent people.” PCSupt Morales said.

Doldolia was included in authorities’ lists of drug personalities who were once a drug surrenderee, invlovement in two (2) Drug cases and in some robbery cases previously.

PCSUPT Morales said, Doldolia has already been a police subject for buy bust due to several confirmed test buys and reports of his alleged involvement again in illegal drugs, after being temporarily released after posting Bail from RTC Branch 13 Davao City in violation of Section 11, Article 2 of RA 9165.

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