Davao City bagged the Fourth Most Competitive City in the Highly-Urbanized category during the 2018 Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index Awards at the 6th Regional Competitiveness Summit held at the Philippine International Convention Center on August 16, 2018.

Ivan Cortez, Officer-in-Charge of the City Planning and Development Office, said the award given by the Department of Trade and Industry, was in recognition of different local government units in the country that show outstanding performance in the following categories: Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, Infrastructure and Resiliency.

“The award is the testament of all the efforts made by all of the departments of the City Government to bring development to Davao City. With this award, we can see that the government is unceasingly giving its best to continue to improve its services,” said Cortez.

Davao City placed third in Economic Dynamism, considering factors like the size of economy, sources of material, structure of economy, safety compliance of businesses, cost of living, financial deepening involving the number of financial institutions within the city and number of people employed.

The city also got third prize in the Infrastructure category, which include roads, water and power utilities, telecommunication, number of transport vehicles, education and health facilities and financial technology capacity.

Finally, Davao ranked second in Resilience, which include land-use planning, disaster risk management plan, early warning systems and emergency infrastructures.

Cortez added that Davao was ranked behind Quezon City, Pasay and Manila.

The selection was made involving 33 highly-urbanized cities.

Davao City is consistently on the Top 5 list of highly-urbanized cities since 2015.

The cities and municipalities competitiveness index measures a local government unit’s competitiveness and presents an opportunity for local governments to better understand their performance against global standards.

This also gives an avenue for them to come up with well-informed decisions towards becoming a more competitive LGU. CIO

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