Philippine Information Agency director general Harold Clavite slammed pro-Duterte bloggers Thinking Pinoy and For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot.

In his social media post, Clavite urged the public not to be fooled and used by “unthinking pinoys” and “salot for the motherland” who, he said, has actually not done anything but for their own self-vested interests.

“Mga kababayan, ugaliing maging mapagmatyag at wag magpagamit sa mga unthinking pinoys at mga salot for the motherland na yan na walang ginawa kundi magpalago ng kanilang pansariling interes at agenda habang ginagamit ang taumbayan upang lalo silang magmukhang malakas at may alam,” Clavite posted in both Tagalog and Visayan dialects.

The PIA DG also posted the following hashtags — #dismissdisinformation #alloutwaragainsttrolls and #notofakenews.

Several days ago, Clavite issued a personal statement condemning PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson for her controversial “pepedederalismo” video with another blogger.

Clavite urged Uson to apologize for her clear lack of proper decorum.

For this, Clavite received a backlash from several pro-Duterte supporters and bloggers like Thinking Pinoy and For the Motherland.

PIA director general on pro-Duterte bloggers


  1. “Lalo silang magmukhang malakas at may alam” you say? EH TALAGA NAMANG MALAKAS ANG KANILANG FOLLOWING AT LALONG LALO NA TALAGA NAMANG SILA AY MAS MAY ALAM ! TP is a genius and SASS is the best in international relations.


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