Davao Police Regional Office 11 director Police Chief Supt. Marcelo C. Morales led the inspection to different city police stations and mobile checkpoints in Davao City to ensure readiness and preparedness of the police personnel, check the daily duty detail and ensure the functionality of the facilities and equipments around 11:00PM yesterday.

Among the police stations that were inspected are the Sta Ana, San Pedro, Talomo, Toril, Sirawan Checkpoint, Tugbok and Sasa police station.

PCSupt Marcelo observe to the stations during inspection were good at attendance and all are accounted for but slightly noticed some facilities are needed to improve including the height of fences and the cleanliness.

Meanwhile, PCSupt Morales Commend them with just concluded Kadayawan festival for the zero crime incident happened and encouraged the men and women to work hard and perform their daily task well. He also emphasized that after times of major events they should not be complacent in their station but stay on alert because some atrocities happened after major events. Further, PCSupt Morales ordered them to follow the Major Event Security Framework that even there is an eventuality they must still respond and handle other situations or the usual routine of their stations at all times.

“We will continue to conduct inspection to other provinces and again to Davao City police office and their police stations,” Morales added.

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