Some years ago, Joma Sison sent me chocolates and a note. It was a surprise because I did not think he knew me then, nevertheless, the message was rational and pleasant. His recent Facebook posts about the dying PRD is not rational and napaisip ako kung siya ba ang nagpost or baka caretaker nalang ni Joma. My guess is, at the rate that he or his caretaker is unraveling, he will soon say PRD is not human but an alien in the form of Rodrigo Duterte.


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  1. For Joma Sison why don’t you go home to negotiate with the President, in your statement that you are old enough to keep on fighting as founder of NPA. The President almost has done his part for you so you ought to take the responsibility and not that kind of insinuations about his present condition which is apparently a false information. My goodness Lolo Joma, try to visit Philippines for you to see of your bare eyes how the improvement and development that the nation is enjoying right now and especially if all members would be cooperative to achieve the real peace that everyone aspires most. Be a man of credible and reliable Lolo Joma, you only have few years to stay in this world so please just for the sake of the next generation, the total stopping of fight between soldiers and your members, we are all Filipinos not by mere words…


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