A staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte is claiming that he could be ill based on the recent video of the president.

In her blog post (https://www.raissarobles.com/2018/08/16/is-duterte-ill/amp/?__twitter_impression=true), Raissa Robles claimed that Duterte’s right hand was visibly shaking during the oathtaking ceremony of newly-appointed officials in Malacañang early this week.

Duterte’s “shaking” hand as alleged by critics

A check on the said clip indeed showed few seconds of shaking from Duterte’s right hand.

The shaking was however not persistent as Duterte’s right hand was already stable when he administered the oathtaking of the new officials that lasted for a few minutes.

Though in his 70s already, Duterte has been in the pink of health back when he was still a mayor.

Much so now that the best doctors and medical services are readily available for him considering his stature.

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