SUBJECT :Spot Report Re-Shooting Incident

Please be informed that on or about 8:00AM of August 10, 2018, Central Base 911 called this office thru landline informing that a shooting incident transpired at Silver St., Mineral Vill., Circumferential Road, Brgy. 19-B, Davao City.

After receiving the information, PCI Benkalin Baluan together with the duty investigator SPO1 Lozano and PO3 Muana left this office onboard Mobile 20 manned by PO1 Gallarde to conduct ocular investigation thereat.

2. Mentioned Police Officers returned to this office and gathered information from the witness at the said place that the victim identified as MARK ANTHONY TALA TOLENTINO, 30 years old, male, roof installer, a native from San Fernando Pampanga presently residing at Bajada, Brgy. 19-B, Davao, at about 7:50 AM of same date while the victim was walking on his way to work particularly at Silver St., Mineral Vill., Circumferential Road, Brgy. 19-B, Davao City, when two (2) unidentified suspects suddenly shot the victim twice using undetermined caliber of handgun hitting the back portion of his head and left upper rib cages portion of his body resulting to his instantaneous and untimely death. After the incident mentioned suspects immediately fled to undisclosed destination.

3. Moreover, accordingly to the wife of the victim a person of JOCELYN TIXON TOLENTINO, her husband received a death threat thru text messages from unknown cellphone number in relation to his work. Further, information gathered upon investigation that victim had many complaints from his past clients due to his unfinished and inaccurate poor jobs after getting the contract payment he then left his pending work without finishing it.

4. SOCO Operatives led by PCI ARMANDO CALIDO JR. conducted crime scene investigation and recovered the following;
a. two (2) .45 fired cartridge,
b. two (2) .45 deformed fired bullet

5. Recovered pieces of evidence are now in the custody of SOCO while the cadaver of the suspects was brought to Angel Funeral Homes for proper disposition.

6. For information. Progress Report will follow.

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