Multiple Parricide and frustrated parricide
Suspect: joel nonoy, about 40 yrs old, Married, carpenter, and a res of prk. 1, brgy. San isidro, babak dist., igcs.
RJ nonoy, 13 yrs old, male,
Cyrus nonoy, male, 11 yrs old,
Aira nicole nonoy, 7 yrs old, female
Sophia nonoy, female, 4 yrs

Narrative: at about 11:00 pm of august 2, 2018 A parricide incid transpired thru stabbing inside the house of the suspect situated at the aforementioned address.

The suspect who was the father of the victims stabbed his 4 children. Allegely, the suspect and his wife had marital problems wherein his wife abandoned them.

The said victims were brought to dvo del norte hospital, samal zone and igacos community hospital, babak dist., but the 3 (Rj, cyrus and aira nicole) declared DOA.

Sophia the one who survived, was rushed to SPMC, Bajada, dvo city. The suspect is now confine at dvo dist. Hospital, samal zone due to the injuries he sustained after he stabbed himself.pnp pers of babak pol substation provided security to the suspect..

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