Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go flew to his hometown of Davao City after a tragic fire to check the current situation, only to be met by the sad news that three people died in the incident.

Sec. Go visited the wake of the family of Pamela Pascual, a 16-year-old who lost 3 of her family members from the dawn fire last July 23. Pamela is left with her grandfather, who is currently recovering in the hospital.

“Nandito po ako ngayon upang makiramay sa pamilya. Hindi sila nag-iisa, na kasama nila ang gobyerno sa mga ganitong sakuna,” Go said.

President Duterte’s aide provided an undisclosed amount for financial assistance.

Go also promised to extend medical assistance for other necessary expenses for Pamela.

As a gesture of sympathy, he also assured her grandfather that they will continuously pay the hospital bills until she recovers.

In addition, Go undertook to immediately speak with Chief Leonard R. Bañago from the Bureau of Fire Protection, to intensify its information drive on Fire Safety Awareness in communities, especially in residential areas.

Go reiterated that knowledge by the people of preventive measures through fire precaution and emergency plan will help prevent fire-related accidents.

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  1. If the remaining Senators are all LP it’s better to have an election 2019 they will just destroy the present administration so if Go is one of the list, you are my number 1 choice 🙂


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