SUBJECT : Progress Report re-Accomplishment of RATS and Apprehension of Suspect/s

1. This pertains to our Spot Report re-Found Dead Body (NOEL ESTABILLO ROLLAN) dated July 19, 2018 with CN: PS3-07-19-2018-174.

2. At about 2:00 oclock PM July 19, 2018, PNP elements this office compose of Invest and Intel Operatives led by SPO3 Daquigan and SPO3 Dionisio as directed by the STACOM-PCI RONALD L LAO, conducted a follow up/hot pursuit operation which resulted to the identification of the live-in partner of the victim identified as one CYNTHIA MANIQUEZ CADON @ GAGA, 36 years old, Banana Plantation Worker located at of Prk 23-A Isla Suerte, Times Beach, Ecoland, Davao City.

3. During interview by the abovementioned Peace Officers to the live in partner of the victim-CYNTHIA MANIQUEZ CADON @ GAGA, revealed/manifested that they were living together with the victim for almost 9 years with no siblings, whom said CYNTHIA had a daughter from his previous partner living at Prk 23-A Isla Suerte, Times Beach, Ecoland, Davao City and had another new paramour identified as one EUGENIO TORETA SABAC @ EUGENE, 49 years old, Roving Guard of Banana Plantation at Tagum City and an Ex-Army and had an illicit relationship for almost one (1) year unknown to the knowledge of the victim.

4. Further investigation conducted revealed that there was a missing cash money of the victim as revealed by one ALILIE TOMAS (cousin of the victim) proceeds from Pag-ibig loan for payment of the victim’s house. Investigation further revealed that witness-ELMER BERNAL DAYAO, positively identified the recovered evidences from the crime scene – ball cap color gray with red linings and one pair nike sandal, color black owned by one- EUGENIO TORETA SABAC @ EUGENE which were left and recovered from crime scene/kitchen area, wherein, upon learning such information, a manhunt operation was initiated by the abovementioned responding Policemen as directed by the STACOM-PCI RONALD L LAO which resulted to the apprehension of the abovementioned suspect- EUGENIO TORETA SABAC @ EUGENE at the house of one MR. ANTONIO BIATING LOPEZ @ BOY LOPEZ (cousin of the victim) at Prk Maurillo, New Visayan Village, Tagum City and recovery of stolen cash money worth 381,000 pesos in different denominations from the suspect’s possession and control allegedly the money owned by the victim- NOEL ESTABILLO ROLLAN.

5. Witness/es in the area revealed that CYNTHIA MANIQUEZ CADON @ GAGA was seen came to the house of the victim prior to the incident and later saw by the witness inviting a male person identified as one @ EUGENE to came inside the victims’ house.

6. Said suspect/s were now under custody this office including the recovered stolen money for proper disposition.

7. Pertinent documents is being prepared by this office for filing of appropriate charges against the suspect/s for ROBBERY with HOMICIDE.

8. For information.

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