Cool homes, school in the sky

Laginan is a remote sitio in Sarangani Province located in the mountain ranges of Malungon.

To reach Laginan, it would take an hour and 30 minutes motorcycle ride from the town proper to reach its adjacent sitio Dalamuan which is about 15 kilometers or approximately 6 to 8 hours trek or, a faster 3 to 4 hours horse ride to finally reach Laginan.

People here, composed of Tagakaolo and Blaan, rely on farming as their main livelihood where corn, coffee, abaca, and vegetables are the major crops. Here, there’s no electricity.

A team from Sarangani Communications Service spent three days in Laginan recently for a video documentary shoot.

Common houses in Sitio Laginan, Barangay Lutay are made of durable bamboo wall panels and corrugated roof for typhoon protection. Also, houses are slightly elevated in case of flashflood.

Every house in Laginan has its own backyard garden where they plant vegetables and fruits. When they bear, they donate it to Laginan Integrated School’s feeding program for the pupils. Teachers also encourage their pupils to plant vegetables and fruits at the back of their classrooms for their consumption.

Pupils of Laginan Integrated School are home after a long walk. Sitting on the ground and enjoying the view with family members is a common recreation in Sitio Laginan.

Pupils of Laginan Integrated School execute the Sarangani Hymn during their flag ceremony.

Laginan Integrated School is the nearest school in the Sitio. Most of the students walk 3 to 5 hours to reach the school, as well as going home. Some from the far households say that they still haven’t got home when darkness of the night bites.

With limited school resources of Laginan Integrated School, it wouldn’t change the keen attitude of pupils towards learning. Most of them are still catching their breath from a long trek from their houses, but as we can see, their attendance is superb.

Pupils play “Kadang-Kadang” during their free time, which is also known as Tiyakad in Tagalong, a traditional Filipino game that is played during laro ng lahi or recreational activities.

Morning view in Sitio Laginan, Barangay Lutay facing Mount Matutum and the rolling hills of Malungon. The small community of Laginan is blessed with stunning landscape. (Jimmy Toribio-Donna Mahusay/SARANGANI COMMUNICATIONS SERVICE)

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