Many times had President Rodrigo Duterte made public the sexual abuse he experienced in the hands of a Jesuit priest while he was still studying at the Ateneo de Davao.

Recently, the Dabawenyo president again narrated how he and his classmates fell victim to molestation by a Jesuit priest. Duterte however stops short of giving much details of the sexual abuse.

Years before Duterte even entertained the thought of running for president, he was very open about that part of his life in the hands of a pedophile Jesuit priest. He said that the said priest had long died but was also accused of child molestation back in the United States of America several decades ago.

The said priest was later identified to be Fr. Mark Falvey. According press reports in the United States, in May 2007, the Society of Jesus agreed to a tentative payout of $16 million to settle claims that Fr. Mark Falvey sexually abused at least nine children in Los Angeles from 1959 to 1975.

Duterte recalled one of the modus operandi of the said priest when molesting them. He said that the priest would usually invite them to a beach outing during the weekend and have them cling to a tubular floating device and bring them to the deep portion of the beach where they have no other choice but to hold on to the floating device.

The priest will then place himself at the center of the floating device and start molesting them. Duterte admitted that being men, they would just dismiss the incident as but part of their manhood experience.

Last week, Duterte again recounted his ordeal which he puts blame as to why he stopped from being a Catholic.

“Something terrible happened when we were young. It’s not really that serious. While confessing, we were being fondled. So when I graduated, I was no longer a Catholic. I was no longer a Catholic at that age. I was not even in politics then,” the President said in a speech Friday.

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