WHAT: Incident: Report re Encounter Incident

TOR: 9:59 AM of July 3,2018

WHEN: 5:45 AM of July 3, 2018

WHERE: Sitio Sudlon, Brgy Tag-ugpo, Pantukan ComVal Province against MOL five (5) CPP-NPA

WHO: Elements of 46IB, 8ID, PA led by SSg Julius M Ledesma (MI) PA against MOL 5 CPP-NPA (undetermined CTs) including one CPP-NPA member (KIA) – unidentified

How: Initial investigation conducted revealed that Intelligence Platoon of 46IB, 8ID, PA led by SSg Julius M Ledesma (MI) PA while conducting Intelligence Operation encountered MOL 5 CPP-NPA member believed to be conducting reconnaissance and foraging at said place of incident.

Firefight lasted for about 15 minutes that resulted to the death of one CPP-NPA member.

The enemy withdrew towards southwest direction. Recovered from the encounter site was one caliber 45 pistol inserted with 1 magazine and loaded with 3 live ammunition w/c are now under the custody of 66th IB, 10ID, PA for proper disposition.

Dead body of the member of CPP-NPA temporarily lies at the Barangay Hall of Barangay Tag-ugpo, Pantukan, ComVal.

Action Taken: All stations of this province including all Mobile Force Platoons conducted checkpoint for possible interception of any fleeing enemies.

For info Sir and progress report will follow

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