Eight reasons why we will recommend the termination of the peace talks with the CPP/NDF.

1. We found out that during the last Unilateral ceasefire covering the period 2016 until Jan 2017, the CPP/NDF/ held the largest and the 2nd People’s Congress in Oct-Nov 2016 and the Central Committee Plenum on Dec 2016. During these two occasions they crafted a 3-Year Plan To Advance the Revolutionary Movement that included the planning for the OUST DUTERTE MOVEMENT if PRRD will not agree to a Coalition Government;

2. By January 2017, the National Military Commission of the CPP/NPA reinforced the earlier plenum Agenda. Using the lull in the fighting because of the ceasefire they were able to consolidate, recover their lost ground/mass base and expand their influence.

3. On May 2017, the CPP/NDF/NPA formally launched the OUST DUTERTE operation to culminate on Oct 2018;

4. Based on the foregoing deliberate actions of the CPP/NDF/NPA, it is obvious that they are not sincere to talk peace and end the Armed Conflict. They are employing the Revolutionary Dual Tactics to show semblance of Peace but continually conducti Violence and Terror Acts on the ground;

5. The ongoing review of all Peace Documents and Agreements revealed that it lays down the foundation of Power Sharing towards Coalition Government. In fact, the GRP Panel during the Aquino Administration recommended the Abrogation of the Talks because the panel has come to the conclusion that “we were just being taken for a ride”. The GRP Panel then made serious studies and they believed the NDF Panel is not truthful, sincere and honest except to get concessions such as: release of high ranking party members and giving their armed components to recover lost grounds and mass base;

6. Majority of the ICCs/IPs in Mindanao do not want a Ceasefire primarily because it means the NPAs will come back yo their communities. The IPs also wanted the CPPNDFNPA to publicly apologize for their act of crimes and terrorism against the ICCs/IPs for almost 50 years where almost a thousand IPs were murdered by the NPA.

7. The CPP/NDF/NPA can’t comply with the four (4) preconditions of PRRD so they can go back to the Negotiating Table. These are considered by the President as sign of sincerity:
a. No coalition government
b. No arson/attacks, no revolutionary tax/extortion,
c. NPA to stay in a safe areas of their choice,
d. No recruitment/mass mobilization.

8. They (CPP-NPA) have been tagged as a Terrorist Organization locally and Internationally. They had their chance to work for peace when Pres Duterte appointed 4 of their members to the Cabinet. But they betrayed the Govt when they used their positions to advance the CPP’s revolutionary movement.


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