2 teeners arrested, one a minor, for drugs possession

Spot report re Apprehension of Person & CICL for violation of RA 9165.

Please be informed that at around 2:45 a.m. June 24, 2018, PO1 Peligrono, PO1 Silverio, PO1 Guadalupe and PO1 Canaña under direct supervision of Stacom PCI Ronald Lim Lao implemented City Ordinances & Oplan Kap Kap Bakal Sita at Sandawa, Matina, Davao City, particularly at the junction of Quimpo Blvd and Sandawa, when a Honda motorcycle with sidecar w/ plate number 6156LL driven by Sajir Janjawe Janarin was beating the red light thus prompted the aforesaid peace officers to chase and held the aforesaid driver.

At this instance the two passengers identiified as Ibrahim (true name withheld), male, 16 yrs old, born on Oct 28, 2002, OSY, and Nicole Alsate Legisan, male, 19 yrs old, born on April 30, 1999, single, construction worker, both residents of Brgy. 21-C Piapi Boulevard, Davao City, drop an items, upon verification it turned out to be illegal drugs.

Also recovered from the possession of Ibrahim were one (1) big square size transparent sachet containing suspected shabu, thirty (32) pcs elongated size transparent sachet containing suspected shabu, one pc big size plastic sachet container, one pc blade, one unit Samsung cellular phone, and cash money 1,040.00 pesos, while from Nicole Alsate Legisan were two pcs elongated size plastic sachet containing suspected shabu, several empty transparent plastic sachets, wrapped in a piece of paper, and one Samsung cellular phone.

All drug items estimated an street value of Php 79,000. Pertinent documents were prepared for filing of appropriate charges.


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