Camp General Manuel T Yan Sr., Mawab, Compostela ValleyOn June 21, 2018 07:40am., an encounter happened between the troops 56IB against MOL 20 CPP-NPA Terrorists at the vicinity of Sitio Tibukag, Brgy Palma Gil, Talaingod, Davao Del Norte. The firefight lasted for about 30 minutes and the enemy withdrew towards Southwest direction. It resulted to one (1) WIA on the government side while undetermined on the enemy side.

A platoon under 56ib was conducting security patrol at Sitio Tibucag in support to the Peace Rally to be held at Sto Ninio, Talaingod and as a prelude to the establishment of CAA PB in the area, when they were informed of the presence of an armed group planning to do atrocities. Reacting to the information, they were fired upon by said armed group, believed to be NPAs, from a location at about 50 meters from Tibucag Elementary School.

The proximity of the NPAs from the school limited the maneuver and fires of our troops resulting to the wounding of one of our troopers. The wounded soldier was evacuated by a military chopper which landed in an area near the school. He was brought to EMC hospital where he is now recovering.

“We deplore the dastardly act of the NPA in using the school and the students and teachers as shield to cover their attack and withdrawal from the pursuit of our operating troops. The incident is viewed as a desperate move of the CNN to recover their loss as a result of the surrender and expression of support of Datu Gibang to the government. It is an attempt to reverse the impending mass defection of the entire organization led by Datu Gibang, which was once touted as a strong force supportive to the cause of the NPA,” Brigadier General Ernesto C Torres Jr., Brigade Commander 1003rd Brigade said

During the Peace Rally, Datu Gibang called for his sub-leaders to give up the armed struggle and follow his lead in cooperating and providing support to the government for a more peaceful and prosperous Talaingod.

Jenielito Dodong Atillo Spokesperson of DepEd XI said “NPA terrorist take advantage on attacking the troops from 56IB who are securing the Tibucag Integrated School in order to disrupt the Peace Rally on the same day at Talaingod Central Terminal sir. During the Peace Rally, the 10ID presented Datu Guibang Apoga, Founder of Salugpongan Ta Tanu Igkanugon Community Learning Center, after 2 decades of hiding, surrendered to the Gov’t. The CNTs feel the painful setbacks after the surrender of Datu Guibang.”

In addition, there are already on-going government projects and services in the area. Major General Noel S Clement said, “NPAs are basically anti-development and anti-people. They always aim to discredit the government efforts specially the construction of infrastructure projects like roads and school buildings in Talaingod, before and after the surrender of Datu Guibang Apoga. 10ID thank the residents for that timely information. Because of it, the people and the soldiers prevented the planned atrocities of NPAs.” The students and teachers were now safe after the incident. 56th Infantry Battalion and school administrator have already coordinated and mutually supporting the immediate actions of our troops to protect the people. Tibukag now is secured. /10DPAO

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