Anti-Tambay Operations of PNP is not far from our regular operations on OPLAN SITA and enforcement of Curfew hours and other enforcement of ordinances related to protection on night life activities in Davao Region. It is with our deep sense of duty and responsibility to safeguard the innocents from the errant public. This will negate and deter crimes to happen specially during night time and the protection of the community from existence of criminalities.

The implemention and enforcement of this laws and local ordinances by Policemen are covered by laws and ensures the guideline based on the Police Operational Procedures inclined to our Community and Human Rights Based Policing respecting the rights of every individual that includes the loiterers and should always be prudent to exercise highest degree of restraint.

With this,the policemen is on the right track since there were no reports or complaints on violations of the rights of those who are being invited at the police station. If there are violations or complaints they will face the consequences of their actions. Minors who were rescued were turned over to Social workers of DSWD for proper disposition. Most of those apprehended committed violations of laws and ordinances like on anti-smoking, anti-nuisance, sobriety law, drinking on the street, upper garment half-naked in public, urinating in places not intended for urinal purpose and violations of Article 153 of the Revised Penal Code or Public Disorders. Every ordinances of different Barangays have different penalties and fines imposed.

The Regional Director PRO 11 ,Pcsupt Manuel Gaerlan has directed this down to the lower units and should be supervised by an officer to ensure proper execution on the implementation of policies and guidelines on the laws and ordinances in adherence to the Police Operational Procedure. It has been the success in Police Regional Office 11 for we have already enforcing this in Davao Region, hence continuity and strengthening the enforcement will just lead its way. Davaoenos are not new to this because they already knew the benefits and its good effect in the peace and order. Noticeably that street crime incidents depleted that could deliberately affect the decrease of crime volume.

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